How To Avoid Allergic Reactions When You Wear Earrings

If you wear earrings regularly, you're probably familiar with that slightly itchy feeling or the occasional swelling that happens. For most of us, it's not something we ever pay much attention to, and in most cases, we just flat-out ignore the unpleasant sensations.

However, in modern times, there is an increasingly large amount of people who have either very naturally sensitive ears or develop an allergy to some of the commonly used metals in earnings. In fact, it was this sharply growing demographic that spurred a new trend in the jewelry industry - earrings that are made to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction.

So for those of you wondering just what you can do to avoid allergic reactions when you wear earrings - here are a few tried and true tips to keep your sensitive ears healthy.

Choose Nickel-Free or Hypoallergenic Earrings
While the two terms are sometimes used as synonyms, they're actually slightly different. Hypoallergenic earrings are designed to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction by removing some of the prime irritants like nickel out of the manufacturing process.

These earrings have been a pretty hot topic for the last few years, forcing the industry to pivot, and nowadays, you can easily find hypoallergenic options at most major retailers and even high-class jewelry stores.
Clean Your Ears And Wash Your Face
This one may kind of seem like a given for just about anyone remotely familiar with the concept of basic hygiene. But, you'd be surprised how many people actually forget to put in the tiny bit of extra effort to wash their earlobes and behind their ears when they do their morning or evening routine.

The back of your ears (and your earlobes) naturally collect a lot of grime, dead skin cells, and the whole fun bunch, which mixed with your skin's natural oil makes for a biological cocktail. Sounds gross, doesn't it? Now imagine this going on for weeks, days, or even months. At that point, an allergic reaction or even an infection is practically imminent.

Remember folks - 2 minutes a day, keeps infections away.

Clean Your Earrings Regularly
Here's another somewhat obvious tip that many of us don't actually follow through on. Think about it - we just covered how dirty your ears get during the day - now take a second to imagine just how dirty the earrings you're wearing are.

It's one thing if you wear the earrings 24/7, but if you take them off and then put them on again, you're passing all the germs and grime around.

Thankfully, cleaning your earrings is generally very easy. You don't have to do anything too special. In fact, you could just use a q-tip dipped in some rubbing alcohol to clean off the stems and send any germs or nasty bacteria packing!

Our Conclusion
Thankfully, as you can see, these tips are really straightforward, and it doesn't take much effort to apply them to your daily life.

Whether it's changing up your daily morning routine to reduce the chance of an infection, or cleaning your earrings - all it takes is just 1 or 2 minutes of your time and some practice to turn it into a healthy habit. And if you're looking at affordable hypoallergenic earrings online - make sure to check out our catalog for some inspiration and gorgeous styles that you could try.