The Best Earrings For Women With Sensitive Ears

Are you tired of dealing with allergic reactions every single time you decide to sport a pair of your favorite earrings? Whether it's date night and you're putting on that pair of studs, or even a corporate meeting where the hoops you've kept stashed away need to come out - having to overcome constant pain, rashes, and itchy lobes sucks.

But here's the thing - you don't have to!

Most people opt for brand name designer earrings that (more often than not) are made from cheap irritating metals like nickel.Unfortunately, many of them aren't aware that there are plenty of hypoallergenic earrings available in some of the most gorgeous designs to rival them.

Keep reading for a short-list of some of the best earrings for women with sensitive ears.

Dichroic Glass Earrings
Now you might be asking yourself - what the heck is dichroic glass? To keep things simple, dichroic glass is basically glass that contains several micro-layers of metals, which makes for some really awesome color variations and unique earpieces.

They're pretty rare because it takes a high degree of skill, and they're generally made by artisans using a specialized kiln-firing method. And the best part? They all come out unique because of the constant variables in the firing process.

With a tiny bit of googling, potential buyers quickly can find out that earrings are generally mounted on nickel-free studs or loops to make sure your ears don't swell right up or get a nasty infection. Allowing you to enjoy a hot mesmerizing style, without having to worry about irritating your sensitive ears.

Surgical Steel Earrings
Are you into minimalist jewelry? If you are, then these types of earrings may have already been on your radar.

While on average, surgical steel earrings tend to be a little less intricate and lack some of the "flare" you'd expect from modern designer pieces - they're one of the best options when it comes to hypoallergenic earrings.

Surgical steel is special-made for biomedical applications, meaning it's pretty much designed to avoid infections, allergies, and irritants from the get-go. In turn, this makes jewelry made from surgical steel great for women with sensitive ears, as it doesn't contain any of the typical compounds or metals that lead to the most common allergies or infections.

Silver Earrings
Okay, we get it - sometimes, we just want the better things in life! And bold, shiny silver jewelry just so happens to be included in the list of those things.

While surgical steel and titanium are definitely a sure bet to avoid infections and discomfort, they really lack that "flare" we see in most silver earrings.

Well, we've got good news. Silver is actually almost as safe as surgical steel! However, you have to be careful because many jewelry manufacturers will still use a small amount of nickel to whiten and strengthen the earrings.

So if silver is on your radar, do your due diligence and make sure that you're buying nickel-free silver earrings.

Our Advice
While all three of the above styles are really cool, hypoallergenic, and have a lot to offer in the design department - there are still plenty of styles out there to choose from.

And while you're shopping (especially online), it's very important that you buy from a reputable and trusted store or brand. While many commercially available brands and stores don't cater to a whole lot of hypoallergenic options, in modern times, there are more and more choices available to women with sensitive ears.

Antteros is one of them! Our whole collection of hypoallergenic jewelry was designed with the goal of helping you feel absolutely stunning, while not having to worry about allergies, pain, infections, or any kind of irritation. Take back date night, and enjoy a happy, allergy-free life with our earrings.