What is dermatitis and how does it relates to nickel?

Dermatitis is the medical term for an inflammation (swelling due to immune response) of several layers of the skin. It can causes itching , swelling, color changes of the skin and dryness/ thickness of the skin. 

The inflammation is caused by the body's immune response. The body identifies foreign substances such as nickel as an object that it needs to attack. It sends materials to the area of the skin which is in contact with the foreign substance and these materials are what is causing the swelling and side effects. This over-response of the body to a foreign substance is also called allergy. 

Another familiar instance of dermatitis is diaper rash. When a diaper needs to be changed but it is not changed, the body develops and inflammation in the area of contact with the dirty diaper. 

A common treatment for dermatitis , such as the case of diaper rash, is a zinc oxide compound combined with a gel-like substance to make a barrier between the skin and the new diaper. If this diaper gets dirty, the compound forms a barrier between the diaper and the skin giving the skin protection from it.

So is this treatment useful for nickel dermatitis or other jewelry allergies? It might on the short term. The hassle and work needed to keep changing the gel on the ears is just not worth the trouble.

If you have a jewelry allergy , Just pick ones that does not cause irritation.

Good luck 

 Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/medicine-and-dentistry/dermatitis

 Image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/tKNB4iW3GT8